Dec 22, 2008

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Technology that unites us and separate us

Almost a month ago a co-worker from a previous job passed away suddenly. His passing surprised many members of his family, close friends and co-workers from the various companies he had worked at. It surprised me as well.

AOL Instant Messenger is what kept many of us in contact with him throughout the years, the technology that kept us in contact with each other even though some of us lived in the same city. The same technology keep us apart from seeing each other in person… sometimes its a lot easier to engage someone via chat that to pick up the phone and call.

As we near the end of 2008, I would like to share the following poem with you (which has been in my mind for the last couple of weeks).

In life brother, in life

If you want to make someone happy,
someone who you love very much
say it today, be very good
In life brother, in life.

Don’t wait until they die
If you wish to give a flower?
send it today with love
In life brother, in life.

If you wish to say “I love you”
to the people in your house
to your friend, close or far away
In life brother, in life.

Don’t wait until the people die
for you to love them
to let your feelings be felt
In life brother, in life.

You will be very happy,
if you learn to make others happy
all of those that you know
In life brother, in life.

Don’t visit cemeteries,
and don’t place flowers on graves
fill the hearts of love
In life brother, in life.

-Ana María Rabatté

(Translated from its original language – Spanish).

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