The purpose of this site is to chronicle creative discovery and related topics such as materials, techniques, a-ha moments of creative enlightenment, technology, etc.

About Me

I reside in Northern California with my wife and our long hair Chihuhua dog. I enjoy working with computers, 3d software, Internet software, sketch and also observing the wonders of the universe (clouds, stars, birds, and of course our little dog discoveries during his daily walks) ;). Evenings / free time is spent reading various sources of information and/or expanding knowledge and experience related to my interests.


Computers, 3d Animation, Programming, Sketching, Writing, Video Production, Website Development, Movies.

Favorite Movies

Tron, Star Wars, Wings of Desire, Toy Story, Howl’s Moving Castle, The Last Starfighter, Cinema Paradiso, The Bicycle Thief, and many others.