Feb 27, 2008

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“After Life” Directed by Hirokazu Koreeda

A couple of days I came across this movie and I have just started to watch it. I wanted to share it here since it seems to be related to the first post entered in this blog.

While the movie is not about art per se, I feel it may place some perspective in your life, and the actions that are taken from day to day.

The name of the movie is After Life the premise of the story is as follows:

After death, you get to choose one memory, and only one memory of everything you experienced in life, all the other memories will be forgotten. You are given three days to decide what to select, then a movie gets created out of that memory before you get to move on.

While I have not finished the movie as of this writing, I must say that the first 20 minutes that I have watched are already quite interesting and thought provoking… thought provoking because I too started to think what would be the best memory I could possibly keep if I was in that situation, and again what other opportunities lie ahead of us that could potentially replace whatever memory we choose to select in this instant.

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