Jan 24, 2008

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Small Watercolor

Here is a little watercolor I did yesterday, just trying new things as I continue learning the various processes.

Watercolor Landscape

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Jan 24, 2008

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Dog Sketches

Here are some sketches I have been doing lately of our dog (long hair chihuahua). These are done on a doddle pad (newsprint) with a regular pen.

Our Dog1

Our Dog2

Our Dog3


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Jan 22, 2008

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SketchCrawl #17

Last Saturday was Sketchcrawl #17, as always what a wonderful way to spend time, this is like my typical musing about the wonders of the universe except with pictures 🙂 An activity that bounds one to earth, to pay attention to that which is around us.

My initial thought was that the location wasn’t as glamorous as San Francisco, and/or that there may not be enough subjects to focus on, however once I got started I realized that if you stand still and open yourself to the surrounding area, there are quite a lot of interesting things to sketch.

Old Railroad Square

NWP Railroad Depot

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Jan 18, 2008

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The attachments that hold us back.

Typically upon someone mentioning the word attachment we may initially think of material attachments. Possessions we own and may not want to let go of …

There is the possibility that it may never cross our mind that besides material possessions we are also attached to our way of thinking… and this trickles down to our creative processes and impairs us from working and/or progressing properly.

Some of us may not even realize we are attached to the fear of not ever completing something (or starting it for that matter), or be good enough, etc., a self perpetuating circle – a self talk of doubts.

Related to this topic, I came across a book a while back… its simple, small, of nominal cost, can be opened on any given page and/or read randomly, and it contains what I would describe as the perfect antidote to rid oneself of creative stagnation (maybe not right away).

Art & Fear

Here is a little story from this book, that makes me laugh every time I read it: a young student who began piano studies with the Master says “But I can hear music so much better in my head than I can get out of my fingers.” To which the Master replied, “What makes you think that ever changes?”

If it hadn’t occurred to you that maybe you are reacting automatically to some artistic situations, perhaps its time to take a few moments and try to analyze why that may be and refocus your energy. These type of books have helped me refocus when needed.

What other books that you have read can you share with us and the readers here?

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Jan 6, 2008

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No regrets!

Last week I was having a conversation with my wife and mentioned the topic of regrets in relation to dreams and aspirations.

Those activities we have always wanted to do but for one reason or another have not had the time (or have allocated the time) to start, continue or complete.

I was mentioning that I could picture myself on a bed somewhere during the last moments of my life with a list of “regrets.” All of those activities I wish I had done, and never did.

However, why wait until I am 80 (scratch that, just saw a news video today where they were rescuing a 101 year old lady, I’m robbing myself 21 more years of life)… why wait until I am 101 years old to ponder about those activities I never did and always wanted to do, why not make the list now and just pretend for a moment I am “there” without actually being “there” and begin the planning process.

What a perfect time to start, not because it is the beginning of the year 2008, but because we have recognized that our experience through life continues regardless of us working to achieve those goals or not. Not to say that we are not aware or have not been aware, but that we may have gotten distracted along the way.

Therefore if upon reading this entry, you the reader also recognizes that the same thing may be happening to you, do not despair… after all it is said that the journey of one thousand miles starts with one step, is just a matter of taking that first step.

If you on the other hand have been busy completing all of your projects and goals, then we appreciate your dedication and wish you well as you move forward. If you have any insights as to what you do to keep you on track, I’m sure others besides ourselves would find the information of value, therefore we thank you in advance in case you decide to share.

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